“Splat!” “You’re out!” & “Row, row, row your boat.”

Day 6. The Paintball day. The kayaking day. The Dragonboat-ing day. The day we are all looking forward the most to.

It all started with me visiting the gym in the morning, probably because I thought I would be too tired to do it when I return from all those muscle-straining, heartbeat-palpitating and mind-blowing outdoor activities. Once done, I raced towards the dining hall because I was late. Well, because I thought I was late. It happened that we are in the second group and we are leaving for kayaking and dragonboating at 8:30. So, we kind of sat gloomily in the dining hall while waiting for the bus to arrive.

The bus arrived and we departed to the Lower Selatar Reservoir. Upon arrival, I started taking photos of the dark and cloudy sky (or was it hazy) when the most unfortunate thing happened. I was so immersed in cam-whoring when suddenly I heard a sploshing sound at my feet and was like, ‘What?”. When I looked downwards, Great Scott! I’d stepped into the pond, with my socks and trainers on! Well, all of you probably know what happens next, so I’m not gonna elaborate more on how did my mood was partly-ruined for the day.

The cloudy sky didn’t seem to give in to our pleads and we were banned from going down to sea to kayak or either dragon-boat. Then the instructors there told us that the lightning alarm was still on and we had to wait until it’s off before we could go down to sea. I mean, reservoir. And they told us that we could only do either kayak or dragon-boat. Though a little reluctant, I chose kayaking because it was kind of fun and it just needed two people to make the boat move, rather than the 10 people of the Dragon Boat. Then the lightning alarm was off and we went down to sea. Together with Jack, the both of us rowed out eagerly but carefully so as not to get capsized. Fortunately, we didn’t capsize and got to learn rowing techniques such as a 360 degree turn and also how to make a raft. Though our muscles kind of hurt at the end, the excitement and remaining adrenaline overwrote all the lethargy in our limbs.

Then we made our way to the Singapore Discovery Centre. After taking our lunch, we had the most exciting and realistic gun-firing game I’ve ever played in my entire life. Well, okay, I’ve played a lot of computer games, I admit, but this was totally different.

First, we were distributed into six groups, with six people in each group. We had two games, first a ‘Capture-the-Flag’ game and the next an Elimination Round. The instructor explained to us about the rules of the game and well, after everything was ready, Hobey-ho, let’s go! Well, I’m not gonna elaborate much on how did I perform, cause I kinda sucked hahaha! I was killed in both the ‘Capture-the-Flag’ games but survived and got the last kill in the Elimination Round. Well, the highlights of the game were the ‘Fearless Marine Yusuf’, the ‘Flag Capturing Kenta’ and too, the coolest and bravest of all, the ‘Kamikaze Takahiro’. Most of us got lots of battlescars *sings the song* but most of them were superficial, unlike Elliot’s, Azlan’s and mine which ranged from fractured bones and amputated limbs. Nah, I exaggerated.

After Paintball, we went to the Singapore Discovery Centre on a tour and got to check out all those cool stuff but lame games 😛 My friend Alif made the seemingly normal trip a little bit funnier when he imitated an Indian accent with the news broadcasting room.

Then at night, we had our cultural performance preparation. Initially, we planned to finish our preparation in like, say, half an hour, and then we’ll hang out a little at the shopping streets of Singapore. However, Lady Luck seemed to be abandoning us as we couldn’t actually finish our preparation in time and our teacher was insistent on us staying in the boarding school so, well, there goes our outing plan. L

And that’s how Jack, Yuichi, Yonathan, Max and me ended up watching Life of Brian in Max’s room till midnight.

That’s it for Day 6, folks.

Au revoir.

Sincerely Yours,

Steven Tey Feng Nian

The Malaysian Delegation

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