Where all the fun is!

Where All The Fun Is

Days are flying by and which each day that goes by, I feel like it’s all passing by too soon! The last two days have been just about the best days of my up till now life. First things first, we, the delegation of India, had our Student Dialogue and believe me, that right before it started I was as nervous as it’s possible to be. Yet, it worked out all just about fine…sure, our time management wasn’t the best thing that ever happened to this planet, but it brought us closer as a team, and that really makes a difference. Apart from this, the overall discussion during the dialogue was extremely thought provoking and interesting…more so because we got to learn the different perspectives and problems from across the globe.

However, it was yesterday (Day 6) that I had an absolute blast! We went for Paintball first thing in the morning but were thwarted at first by unkind weather. So, we went around the Discovery Center instead- saw a very cool video about Singapore, tried different forms of dance and learnt about the history of Singapore. And then…we went for PAINTBALL! It was my first time and I was a little worried…yet, it all proved to not be a problem, since we all just got carried away by the spirit around us!! That feeling of holding up the flag….never came! 😛 However, we all felt victorious without even winning…and that’s just an unforgettable feeling!

Kayaking and Dragon Boating were crazy fun as well!! It was almost like a new experience, though I had done mini Kayaking before…and it was just heightened by the togetherness of almost 40 of us, from all over the world..sharing one single, wet experience for we were all pretty drenched! 🙂 I feel, that when I leave from here, I will not only have learnt a lot in terms of global problems and solutions, but also I will have picked up skills that I never might have earlier thought of even attempting to acquire! I will go back as a more rounded individual than before!

And as always, Cultural Night practice was a lot of fun…what with all the joking and last minute additions and deductions. It was also initially fraught with worry at the prospect of not completing…yet, at last we pulled it together…and phew, that’s a relief! 🙂

And today, day 7, we went to Sungei Buloh to see the mangroves and learn about the greens in Singapore! It was quite an informative and interesting tour and I learnt a lot as well! It was also loads of fun as we exchanged pleasantries in broken phrases of various languages that we have picked up over the last few days, got a friend to wear a flower in his hair and all in all just joked around!

So, I can only end by saying, that it’s all passing me by way too quickly…and I don’t want this to end..and I have a feeling that it may not..as these friendships I make here are going to last! 🙂

Sanskriti Sanghi
Vasant Valley School, India

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