Singei BulohConservation Activity

Last Friday, the second student dialogue was held and it focused on social and economic equality. Five delegations gave their presentations on prevailing issues in the world involving inequality, and they all gave credible ways to go about these issues. We then split into groups and further discussed these topics and although I found the discussion a bit less interesting than the previous one (the one about poverty), my group got some valuable output, despite the fact that there were clashing ideas.

The day after was the day most of us were excited for: the outdoor activity! My group first went to the dragon boating area. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating with us, and we started the activity as late as 11 AM! We also could only choose between kayaking or dragon boating (unlike the other group, who had the chance to do both 😦 :(), and I opted to go kayaking because it seemed less strenuous than dragon boating haha. Maybe that’s because I saw the dragon boaters and they seemed to train very hard so I was kinda intimidated.

After that, we headed to the Science Discovery Center, where we played paintball! I have played paintball several times before, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good at it. I was shot within the first five minutes of each round I played (and I was bruised both times haha).

These two activities, although very tiring, taught me the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. During the kayaking activity, I had to work well together with my partner, Farah (from Oman) in order to follow the commands of the guide. I also had to be patient with her because it was her first time to kayak. During the paintball activity, I had to strategize with my teammates to assure that we would win, and we had to work together to make sure that we would emerge as the victors. But I guess our strategies never paid off because we lost every single round!! HAHA.

We were then scheduled to have a three hour cultural night preparation, but fortunately, the facilitators approved our performance (thanks Aloysius) so we were able to go out of the school grounds! We (the Philippine delegation) had no idea where to go, but the American delegation were coincidentally going out too, so we headed the same direction. We had a nice dinner out in an Italian restaurant – a break from all the Asian food – and we just chilled and bonded until around 10 PM.

Today (Sunday), we hadthe Singei Buloh Conservation Activity. We went to a mangrove forest and we were toured around and were taught about the biodiversity Singapore surprisingly has. We saw many organisms, such as horseshoe crabs, mudskippers, and even crocodiles! It was a tranquil experience – a break from the city life – and it was also a wake up call to continue defending the world’s rich ecosystems. I expected the activity to be more hands-on, such as actually planting something or releasing a rare species in to the wild, nonetheless, it was a rare and great learning experience. πŸ™‚

Two more days to go…

β™₯ Crissy Buensuceso
Philippine Science High School, Philippines

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