Time Is Running Out. And we all know that.

Yeah, we’ve gone through all the fun, but the problem now is that the time is really running out. Our time together is limited. Sometimes, I really try not to think about it but it comes back to haunt me sometimes. What should we do? The answer is simple enough.

Treasure the remaining time we have together, and formulate concrete relationships with each and every of the delegates, because we may not be able to meet ever again (which I hope I’m wrong).

Today is Day 7. A week here was like a split second for me. I could still remember the impatient feeling I had on Day Zero. Now I’m really regretting that feeling and really wanna go back to Day Zero.

Today we went to the Sungai Buloh Conservation Centre. It was located just a couple of nautical miles off the shore of Johor. Our guide brought us firstly to the river that accommodates a few crocodiles, and to the otter place and the mangrove area, which was the home to many crabs and lizards and various species of migrating birds. There were no mosquitoes, though we thought there were initially. Lucky us. There I was also told by Karina about the Komodo Dragons at the Komodo Island at Indonesia. Heard that they ate deer, and sometimes humans too! Creepy.

Well, after that we came back to school and started journaling. After this, we’re gonna go……..SHOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Err, sorry. I kinda got carried away by the exciting prospect of spending off my remaining Singapore Dollars (I know I’m a spoiled brat 😛 )

See you later, Journal. Eh wait, this is the last journaling session. Guess I’ll be writing to you from my laptop from now on. Spasibo, O’ Dearest Computer Lab.

That’s it for now, folks. Gonna go grab some lunch.

Au revoir.

Sincerely Yours,

Steven Tey Feng Nian

The Malaysian Delegation

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