The Sprint

Time is running out; I’m sure you’ll agree with me. We’re all on a sprint – the final miles of the run. Pau rang me up yesterday and set up an earlier meeting time than usual. I had to skip a secret space mission but it’s all worth it. He was wearing a red shirt and for the first time, I saw him in jeans. We had a long talk over a cup of hot chocolate about their last Student Dialogue, the Outdoor Activities (one of which, he wasn’t able to attend – the kayaking and dragon boating – which is only an insignificant setback in the grand scheme of things) his Cultural Night Preparation (the hidden camera worked and you can access the attached video), and the Sungei Buloh Conservation (he’s pretty frustrated that they didn’t get to bond with Mr. Law; nevertheless he picked up a lot of facts from the guided tour). Pau realized, as his heart pumped like it had never pumped before, that no one ever got far in life without getting shot. Risks have to be taken. He also said that the battle for socio-economic equality is a fight that we can’t heave onto the weary backs of our governments but should also be shouldered by each one of us as well. Every decision we make that upholds such ideals is a win in this effort. For us to row through such turbulent waters that prevent us from achieving such equality, we need each other, much like we need our partner or group mates to be able to move in kayaking and dragon boating. Not only do we need each other, but also need to recognize that we need to work hand in hand with nature as well. An environmentalist said once that the best option for Mother Earth to ensure its survival is to get rid of us, which reminds me of why our secret organization even exists. We keep the world spinning in the right direction, unbeknownst to many. These were the highlights of my latest conversation with Pau, and as I walked him back to his room, he told me how he can’t stop thinking about P…(here the report, which was sent by telegraph, stops; we try to keep track of our agents, but as of today, Agent X44 is in the dark)

On behalf of Pau from the Philippines,
Agent X44

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