The Final Stretch

It’s our last journal post!

These two days have been great, no serious lectures or anything (not that those are bad but well we need a bit of fun too!)

Yesterday we had paintball, dragon boating and kayaking. My group started off with paintball but due to the rain, our session was cut short by half. During this time, we had a tour of the Singapore Discovery Centre which was quite cool as there were many games and activities. It was an interesting way to learn about the culture of Singapore and there were stuff like a dance station where we could learn Malay dance, Indian dance and other kinds of dance, and there were also many exhibits about Singlish and the various meanings.

At 1030, we finally had the chance to go play paintball! It was quite funny how the first group to play were all hiding and no one dared to come out to shoot anyone. There were also some people who went crazy and just kept shooting haha πŸ™‚ after a while we learnt that the trick was to distract our opponents while we were moving forward ie shoot at them. We also realized that no one actually captured the flag, they just won by killing out all the other group’s players. I personally didn’t dare to move around much as I didn’t want to get shot, but I did manage to shoot a few of the other team’s players! (a few is actually quite a lot since the opposing team only had 5 people)

I had played paintball before but this experience was very different in terms of the rules of the game and also the playing field. The last time I played we got shot a lot all over because players didn’t get disqualified for being shot but for yesterday’s game, we were all very cautious because one shot and we were out. The previous place I played at was also quite a small field, unlike yesterday’s where there were up to 3 tiers of playing ground (where most showdowns occurred) both times were cool though coz paintball is generally a fun sport πŸ˜€ through this I got to know some other delegates better as we were randomly grouped

After that for dragon boating and kayaking, it was also fun and again we were randomly grouped so I got to know more people πŸ˜› it was quite tiring but the flicking of water was super funny and also our “fight or flight” responses when the dragon boats came to attack us in our kayaks! having done kayaking before, it was quite simple though I did learn how to do weird stuff like turning around 360degrees

Was a good day and ended well when the FACS chased us off to bed (haha we secretly wanna sleep but discipline tells us not to)

TODAY we went on like an outdoor bio lesson to Labrador Park (and we climbed over the fence and down to the shore haha) which was an eye opener as I never knew there were so many different organisms in the seemingly lifeless rocks (okay wait actually they ARE lifeless) Mr Law’s excitement when finding a random organism was quite funny but at the same time inspiring, and it made all of us quite excited to see what he wanted to show us, even if we weren’t all eager biology kids or anything. We learnt lots of cool stuff about the adaptations of the marine organisms (and a random fact about how we can actually walk over to sentosa when the tide is really low) Kudos to Mr Law for making it one of the most interesting bio lessons ever πŸ™‚

So yea it’s the last time we’ll be journaling, and 2 days to the end of the summit. Before the summit I actually thought it’d be really scary to have to stay w people we barely knew for like 9 days, but the people here have been really friendly and even awkward turtle me has managed to make a few better friends πŸ™‚ thanks Kathy my room mate for being so okay with sleeping alone every night as I leave to go mug and I hope I haven’t been too awful ;D you’ve been awesome and a super nice person and I enjoyed talking to you, especially the first few nights when we talked more πŸ™‚ now looking at the online allocations for the arts masterclasses, I realize I recognize so many names on the list it’s amazing. Though we don’t talk with EVERYONE, we all do know each other and anyone with a tag round their neck is a friend πŸ™‚ may the friendships, no matter how large or small, last for as long as possible Let’s make these last 2 days great!

πŸ™‚ erin
nygh singapore

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