Taking a step back to reflect,,,

Days 6&7 of the summit were more about being active rather than just a stimulation of our auditory and visual senses. The paint-balling, dragon boating and kayaking activities yesterday were a lot of fun, and were well timed breaks in the monotony the summit had started to acquire. These activities essentially taught us the importance of trust, communication, and teamwork. Those teams that were able to do all three effectively, were the ones crowned victors at the end of the games. Using the apt example of dragon boating, I was able to realize the importance of these qualities. Dragon boating requires all the members of the boat to coordinate their actions in order to optimize their speed and reduce the burden on one single person. Without equal input, and synchronization of actions by all, the dragon boat will not move. Equal distribution of weight is also required in order to keep the boat afloat. Similarly, to be successful and to keep afloat in life, we must learn to coordinate with, and be in harmony with those that are around us. Sometimes goals are better achieved as a team. During paintball, being the last man standing in my games, it was an amazing feeling to be able to win both my games with my team.
Our delegation has completed the preparations for the cultural performance. I’m really looking forward to the performance, and am equally keen to see what the other delegations have to offer. Utilizing all the time we had, we’ve been able to prepare a performance that will hopefully be enjoyed by all, capturing the theme of ‘Bollywood’.
Today’s conservation activities were a reiteration of the presentation made by Mr. Law two days ago. I did learn a lot about Singapore’s marine life on the beach, yet it I feel it would’ve been better had we actually conducted a cleanup of the area, and positively contributed to the community. Nevertheless, this activity has made me a lot more aware of the various creatures I never knew existed and often disregard, while I walk about on the beach. I will surely be more conscious about such creatures the next time I venture into the sands.
I am really going to miss this summit once it’s over, but will definitely take back great memories. The summit is not yet over, and I will make the most of days 8&9, as I have been during the course of my time here. Like I have previously written, the experience I have been through at HC-APYLS, the knowledge I have gained, and more importantly the friendships I have forged over the course of this summit will be everlasting, and something I shall cherish for years to come. And I’d like to apologize to Susannah Duck for shooting her in the head (unintentionally) with a paintball gun and to Charlie Strutt for scaring her during the night safari. (I’m really sorry)
I have enjoyed every single minute of my time here at Hwa Chong, and would like to thank all the people including the facilitators, teachers and friends that have made such an experience possible.

Thank you all,

Ranjit Singh

Vasant Valley School

Delegate of the Republic of India

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