Somehow it’s ending…

Name: Alastair Pang

Country: Singapore

School: Hwa Chong Institution

The past two days have been so much fun. I enjoyed the short time away from the often serious-toned talks and tours, and actually had some fun this time. The paintball session and the dragon boat/kayaking was so much fun, but at the same time obviously there are some take aways that I got from them, upon further reflection (because I am a deep person of course.)

The paintball session was a very eye opening experience for me. I have never played paintball, and to finally get to fire one, much less fire at your friends 😀 As much as it was all fun, I learnt that teamwork is very important. The instructors kept telling us that no team played as a team properly, and kept telling us to communicate and work as a team. As much as in life we would probably never get to tell each other enemy’s hiding spots (I hope not), teamwork and communication is nonetheless important for many thing else in life. We have to be able to work as a team, especially in such a globalized world. No one will survive on your own. And to work as a team, communication is also very important.

Speaking of teamwork, the dragon boating session further reemphasized this take away for me. We had to be synchronized, and this can only be done through teamwork. I paddled alone for kayaking so that required minimum teamwork, but I am sure it applies the same to kayaking too.

Today’s conservation activity was really quite nice. I am Singaporean, but I have to be honest by saying that I have never been to Labador Park, and I have never seen so much marine life (much less appreciate them). Mr.Law managed to make me realize the beauty that Singapore possess, and make me feel that we finally have something else that is truly unique about us other than Singlish and food. It was sad though to see rubbish all around the place, and it is worse to know that people actually don’t know about such rich marine life, and don’t appreciate them (which was me just a few hours ago). We can all do our part to promote them, and hopefully those crabs and other sea creatures are here to stay. Besides, I am kinda sick of naming “multicultural and multiracial” as the only unique thing about Singapore.

Two days left. Honestly I never thought that this would end. When I first went in, 10 days seems like forever. I thought I had so much time with my friends from both Singapore and overseas, and now that the end is staring right at my face, it’s…. somewhat depressing. I am gonna miss everyone, and how much these people shaped the way I think, and shaped my perception of so many things in life. Two days will be gone in a jiffy, and I guess all we can do is to just make the best use of these two days, have fun, talk to everyone while they aren’t on the plane back to their home, and hope that these friendships won’t die off. I have made so many friends, Alexander, Chris, Jack, Ariel, Warren, Yusuf, Tom, Karina, Pritta, THE WHOLE SINGAPORE DELEGATION (AWWW YEAH). And thinking that I might not be able to see them ever again after this summit (for non-Singaporeans) is really sad. And for those I didn’t give a shout-out to, if you are reading this, you are awesome and thank you for these 8 days. Let’s make the last two days awesome.

I have learnt so much, this summit really broadened by mindset about many things, and if it was possible, I want this to last forever. All the cultural performance rehearsals, student dialogues, random times with each other, well… all good things have to come to an end somehow I guess.

I am gonna use a really cheesy quote right now, but you have sowed seeds in my heart, and I hope I did so too.

For the last time (journaling that is you are gonna hear from me again),


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