Day 5

Today,for me is quite an interesting as it is a day of Science and Development ! The day commenced with a summit dialogue presented by this what I find a really innovative guy namely Mr Carl Baptista.What that attracts me the most to his presentation is that how can he come up with ideas and develop them into problem-solving solutions.I think that one day, I want to become somebody like him.

Next is a visit to the HDB HUB.It is quite shocking that when I found about 82% of Singaporeans live in these HDB flats.We went on a tour to know about why do most of the people of Singapore chose HDB flats as their home.The gallery was quite interactive and awesome as it definitely answered my question of why Singaporeans most of them of course lead a happy life in HDB flats.I hope that when I go back to my country,I will take the initiative to promote to Malaysians alike about the advantage of living in flats instead of living in house estates which may costs the country’s amount of land.

Finally,we went on a trip to A*STAR.This trip is quite fascinating as I’ve heard from some of the scholars of A*STAR about their experience and what they are currently doing.Their shares proved to be vital for me as I also want to be somebody in the field of Science and Discovery.

All in all,today I got so many information and new things that I am not quite familiar with.It catches my eyes to see that Singapore’s public housing progresses so well and satisfies the needs of every single Singaporean.Every day we seem to be learning something new even though we didn’t do nothing on that particular day.Today,I got some new experiences that really attracts me more to my interest and ambition that is to be a person who discovers massive and amazing things that the world hasn’t seen before.

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