Yesterday was fun. I tried for a while to think of a more eloquent way to phrase that, but came to the realization that that was all I really needed to say. Paintball, dragonboating, kayaking. A nice reprieve from the more serious aspects of this Summit. It was honestly kind of surreal, kayaking with a pal from India who knows more about American rappers and Youtube videos than I do.

Today at the beach during our Conservation activities, I kept having flashbacks to biology class. I saw algae and thought of algae blooms and the dangerous decrease in oxygen content of lakes. When our guide brought up starfish, my mind immediately jumped to echinoderms and deuterosomes. Not deep thoughts, but an interesting connection to home nonetheless.

Now, I think of this experience. I am glad I am here. I guess it’s a simple thought, but I am really happy that I got to meet these people, see this school, and experience this country. I’ll conclude my last journal entry with a message directed at my peers, chaperons, and Hwa Chong.

Thank You.


Warren Schorr, Staples High School, USA

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