Paintballing, Kayaking, Labrador Park………..

Yesterday was the best day of the summit and I can with confidence say that the upcoming days will not be as good as day 6. The day was quite a blustery, rainy day but that only enriched our outdoor activities. First we went kayaking which is something that I had never done before and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We didn’t get a chance to go dragon boating as there was a thunder alert and we had to pick one of the 2 activities planned(but I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss out on much as dragonboating was not as good as kayaking). Later we played paintball at Singapore activities center and it was my first time playing paintball as well. The rain at the start of the day gave us an advantage, we had more time to go play paintball. Shooting people with orange, paint-filled balls was great fun but getting shot at was not so great(all because of Alif). But nonetheless I had a great time and I’m sure I’ll continue playing paintball in India as well. After that we had our cultural night preparation. The preparation was not so fruitful as Ranjit’s effort to teach us(me and Girish) to dance was in vain, but our failures made for some good laughs. Also, we were asked to sing Count on me without referring to the lyrics and the results were hilarious with the APYLS team filming our many failed attempts to sing. The next day we visited Labrador Park to learn about the various marine organisms there. We were accompanied by Mr. Law, a man so passionate about marine conservation that even the sight of a small hermit crab would excite him to the point that he would shout out his amazing discovery. He was quite knowledgeable and we learnt a lot about the organisms themselves, their habitats and conservation. We are fast approaching the end of the summit and I am now quite sad to be leaving Singapore and Hwa Chong but the memories and friends accumulated over this week will remain with me forever. Hwa Chong is a school with amazing infrastructure and I am quite jealous of the students who have access to such wonderful facilities(AIR CONDITIONING in the classrooms!). These 10 days are unforgettable(because of the hundreds of pictures in my camera) and I am very much looking forward to what the last 2 days have in store for us.

Writing for the last time


Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School


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