Outdoor Fun

The summit is coming closer and closer to an end and I honestly don’t want to go back to ‘reality’. It seems so much monotonous and bland compared to the interesting trips and knowledge we’ve learnt here in the leaders’ summit.

Student Dialogues! Love them. It’s really nice to hear different perspectives on global issues and their solutions. China, France, Singapore, Malaysia, and India were presenting. Before that, a marine biologist and a teacher here at Hwa Chong spoke about conservation of nature, marine animals, and passion. It was really fun to see him super energetic talking about sea jellies and how sea cucumbers protect themselves. The topics for the student dialogues were about youth unemployment, gender inequality, immigration, and education. Out of all the presentations, I loved India’s. It was about gender inequality and I like how the slides look like and how well they conveyed their ideas.

On Saturday, there was not any presentations but we did a bunch of outdoor activities! WOOHOO! I was excited. We went to a reservoir and it was raining and there was lightning and thunder which was making me a bit uneasy. But then we finally got around to dragon boat (I didn’t go kayaking). I was on the same team as Ariel, Nikholai, Arman, Gita (fellow Indonesian!), Chikayo, Katie, and many others. We had to focus on our core muscles and I swear it’s harder than it looks. Our motivation was to get to those who were kayaking so we can attack them with splashes! We got faster and louder as we neared to those who were kayaking and we soaked Yusuf and Alif. It was fun. We had lunch (I WAS STARVING) and then we went out for paint-balling. I was excited, nervous, and anxious at the same time. I’ve never paintball-ed before. We were wearing helmets, vests, and held paintball guns. On the first game it was a draw but I was proud I fired one of the winning shots. On the second game, I was the last one in my team AND IT WAS SCARY. I felt helpless and I could feel 3 people coming closer and closer. Every time I try to shoot there’s a gun waiting right in front of me. Suddenly Farah came to my right on open field and we started shooting each other like crazy until the referee had to stop us. It was very surprising. It hurts because it was a close range shot. Then we also toured around the Singapore Discovery Center and played several games to get to know more about Singapore.

At night, we did cultural night preparation. It was getting better but we still need to improve a bit more. We were exhausted though. We joked around with Eli and we locked her in the room haha. But we love her. She’s awesome. She’s like a babysitter and we’re crazy toddlers running around.

Today we went to Sungai Buloh Conservation and saw mangroves and studied how important mangroves role to the ecosystem. We saw fish that could walk (or crawl…) on water, horseshoe crabs, saltwater crocs, and much more.

After this we’re going to VIVOCity! HOORAAAAY! I know I’m way too excited. I miss shopping 😛

Until next time! Gah I really don’t want the summit to end.

Pritta Wibisono
Binus International School – Serpong

(I forgot to write my name)

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