Our Natural Home

Over the past two days, I’ve had the opportunity to look at Singapore from a new and refreshing perspective.

The kayaking/dragonboating experience revealed to me the beautiful nature we have here in Singapore. Through the activity, I was able to better understand what the PUB meant by ‘Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters’. It also reminded me of Singapore’s need to use a single piece of land for multiple purposes. Two thirds of Singapore’s land area is water catchment area. If these areas are just rain collection facilities, that would be a lot of land wasted. Instead, by converting these areas into green lifestyle spaces to increase the quality of life of residents, the land is value added and makes better and more efficient use of our limited land. As our population increases and competition for land becomes stronger, it’s always important to be able to come up with a solution that will solve multiple problems and meet multiple needs.

The Conservation Walk with Mr Law showed me that despite our rapid urbanization, there’s still great natural heritage in our country. His talk and tour has, indeed, made me a lot more interested in the hidden natural world that our concrete city hides. I never knew that there might be anemone or sponges just under the concrete boardwalk on which I’ve walked on several times already! I think that I should go out and discover what else this little country conceals. I’m sure there’s something intriguing to be found if we’re willing to search. Even more important was his message of conservation. It is impossible to say that a country can do without its natural aspect; civilization is inextricably linked to its natural background, both shaping and being shaped by it. As Singapore continues to develop, pushing its boundaries further and further and pouring more cement into and above the ground, it is easy to forget about these tiny sea creatures. Despite this, I still think it’s absolutely necessary that more awareness be raised about our rich natural surrounding and do something to protect it, soon. If we destroy our natural heritage, I believe we will live to regret it, wishing we had done something earlier.

Two more days to the convention – it’s been a most amazing time with the delegates, experiencing Singapore as never before. Let’s make the most out of the two days remaining, learning together and laughing together as much as we can.


– Joshua, Singapore

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