One Week In

On Day 6 of this summit, we embarked on various outdoor experiences – kayaking, dragon-boating and paintball – a very welcome break from dialogues and lectures.

Although I have kayaked and paintballed, the experience was still a fresh, different one. The highlight of the water sports was definitely splashing… And getting splashed. Although I was freezing cold by the time we got out of the boats, it did feel nice to succumb to the simple, primal joys of disturbing other people. (kidding)

That aside, kayaking and dragon-boating in the reservoir was also a fresh experience for me. The past few times that I had kayaked were always in saltwater, where the currents were unpredictable and usually uncooperative. Kayaking in the reservoir you pass by daily, with roads, HDBs and an MRT track in the background was definitely strange, but I’m glad I had the chance to experience it. I’ll think of AP whenever I pass by then (-:

A few days ago Singaporean delegates also presented for the student dialogue. We had rehearsed and timed each other the night before, so although the nerves were getting at us, we managed to execute it smoothly. Everything went fine… Except when our Powerpoint crashed. At first, I was really shocked, and I felt really sorry for Alastair, who had spent so much time designing and preparing the slides, but I’m glad the rest made the decision to simply move on. The show must go on, right?

As a general reflection for the past week in AP, I’m very thankful for all the people I’ve met here, and all the different experiences I have been exposed to. At the turning point of a week, it is starting to dawn on me that I am really going to miss the entire summit a lot. Two and a half days left before it’s back to mugging for exams, and away from all the friends we’ve just made and gotten to know a little better. I guess all good things have to come to an end, so… I’ll enjoy myself to the fullest while I can (-:

Ling Yun
Nanyang Girls’ High School

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