5th day

Wow, time really flies. It feels like I just finished writing journal for 4th day. Today, I was not that tired even though I slept late last night.

Today, in the morning, we had a summit dialogue with Mr. Carl Baptista. He was so funny that I did not want to miss anything from him.

Even though he is a science guy, he cooperates his work with a humanity side. I could tell he is a creative man and enthusiastic person as he speak

to us. Actually, I am not a science person; I am close to a humanity person. However, after listening to his talk, it has been changing my mind.

Later on, I hope I can stand in front of students and talk about my research or major to help them.

Next, we went to Housing Development Board. I was surprised because the public house (apartment) in Singapore is quite

similar to houses in Korea. Because South Korea is also a small country compare to others, we have many

apartments. it was fun to go around model house.

After dinner, we had 2nd students dialogue. It was, again, also great time to communicate with other countries and share

ideas each other. I learned a lot by listening to other countries’ presentation and by discussing.

6th day

I would say this day was both fun and tired day. First, our group (A and B) went to do a paintball.

I was worried about the weather first, but we did it anyway. I was happy that our team won for two times, and I did not

get any shot. Also, from the place where we did a paintball, we went to tour around the place where it had information

about Singapore. That place had many fun games that we can learn from the games. Next, we went to ride dragon boat and kayak.

Because our group had enough time, we rode both boats once. I was scared when I rode kayak because it was a small boat, and two

people got to ride it. The fun part was that we get to splash water to each other. After that, I felt so tired because playing with water

always make me tired. However, because our country had to practice cultural night performance and presentation, I could not

sleep early. I will never forget the memory of paintball, dragon boat, and kayak.

7th day

Today we went to SungeiBuloh Conservation where we can see all nature and animals. The tour guide was so impressive because

he knew a lot of things. Of course, he works there and enjoys working there; however, I can tell he studied a lot and has many knowledge.

He pointed out many different species and we learned different types of trees. From the tour guide, I learned a lot from him.

As we walked around the place, there were many different trees and insects(?): it felt like I am a student from elementary school who gets impressed by all of surroundings.

Sadly, we have two more days left…. I made many friends that I will never forget. I will miss all these activities.

Seung Hyo Ki, Bugil Academy, South Korea

Seung Hyo Ki


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