Laura writes a third journal


The program is coming to an end soon… wow. This week has been the most jam-packed of my life.

I did paintballing for the first time yesterday. First we toured an interactive museum about Singapore’s culture because the weather was questionable. Then my 6 person team suited-up and took our places on the paintball field. I cowered behind a barricade, trying to lift the realistic gun from the ground into shooting position. When the referee said we could start, I scrambled forward and ducked behind another barricade, and tried to shoot. The gun jammed, and a man needed to help me fix it. Once that was done, I shot around randomly until I was hit in the mask. Paint splattered everywhere, but at least it didn’t find my mouth. The second game I got shot in the arm, which hurt and gave me a bruise. I was terrible at the game, and I learned that I could never become an assassin…

The game gave me another view of war. Why would Hwa Chong want delegates from different countries to shoot at each other? To make peace more inviting, or war seem more fun? All I know is that I was frightened the whole time and I can’t imagine being in the real US Army.

Then I went kayaking and dragonboating. That was a lot of fun, and the end I was soaked with Singaporean river water.

At night, because the my delegation was pretty much finished with our cultural performance prep, I went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant (we were craving non-Asian food) with USA and the Philippines. The food was great and I was happy to have non-dining hall food. Not that it’s bad.

Before I leave I want to taste food from a Hawker Center, like chicken rice! Maybe I’ll do that during the free and easy on Monday.

Today we went to Labrador Park to the beach and looked at various sea creatures, and our guide was the amazing Mr. Law. He was so passionate about marine biology and he made it fun to learn about snails. Never would have thought I could enjoy that.


Laura Feyer

Scarsdale High School, USA

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