journaling day 7

outdoor activities:
[Yesterday, we learned what it takes to work together in the heat of passion] (Chris D’Silva). Paintball showed us the the bonds that are required in a team when facing danger and obstacles, whereas dragon boating and kayaking proved us that collaboration was absolutely necessary to achieve common goals. Chris D’Silva (my wingman on the kayak) eventually proved to be a rather good rower, even though i know he made profit of being at the back to rest from time to time, unnoticed. 😀
The Singapore discovery center tour taught about Singaporean short and dull history (haha jk). I know it sounds weird but kim allowed to add bursts of humor in our journal. More seriously, this tour gave us an insight of the development of Singapore and of its success-story.

Student dialogue:
The theme of the second student dialogue, ‘achieving socio-economic equality’ lead us to think on the multiple disparities of our world and to consider the different solutions to tackle issues such as economic or gender inequalities.

PS: sorry, Kim told me it was too light, but it’s all her making, she kept disturbing me.

Gabriel Taconet, France.

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