Journal Entry-Day 7-FUN ALL ALONG!!!!

We didn’t have many outdoor physical activities till today.So I was really looking forward to the paintball,kayaking and dragon boating events hoping that it would cheer me up after some rather monotonous visits and activities we had in the past few days.
However the weather seemed to think otherwise(at least for a few hours).It looked as if a huge downpour is on it’s way.So the paintball event,as it was an outdoor event, was kept at a halt and we were taken on a tour of the Singapore discovery centre. It was lot of fun to play the various big-screen video games present there.But ,at the back of the mind,I was still kind of worried about the entire outdoor activities session being cancelled due to weather issues.Fortunately it didn’t!.The weather seemed okay and we were taken to the paintball field.

It was my first time at paintball and it was really amazing!.The field with the barricades and bunkers,the armour and the helmet we had to wear and the cool guns,using which we shoot the paintballs (containing paint) at our opponents, really put it home.I wish we had more rounds.The rounds were quite quick and it really demanded team coordination,agility and concentration from all the participants.Though the fact that the paintballs move at a speed of 300 feet/s was quite scary and I did feel it by getting a couple of bruises,it was more than compensated by immense amount of fun and enjoyment I had.

Our next stop was the reservoir for our kayaking and dragon boating events.I was really excited about it as I have never done it before and wanted to try something new.We were divided into two groups for participating in both the events.I was in group which got to do kayaking first.

Kayaking involved two people in each boat with a double-paddled rowing instrument.It was a wonderful experience.This event too required a lot of coordination between the two of us.This demand made it much more interesting and challenging.We were given a lot of time to experiment by ourselves and were also given a lot of tips from time to time.After about 45 min( which actually seemed much less),we were asked to row back to shore to move on to dragon boating.

Dragon Boating involved more people.Our boat had 8 people on it.It really required a huge amount of effort and team-coordination from all of us.We managed to establish coordination by counting,which really helped.We also got to splash water on the other participants on the kayak,which was really a lot of fun.At the end,all of us were completely wet and tired, yet very happy and cheered up!.

Girish Raguvir.J
Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School

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