Journal entry


Aastha Kamra
Vasant Valley School

Day 7

Education! Healthcare! Poverty! Gender Inequality! Bad governance! Youth unemployment! Social Stratification!, it seems these issues scream out to us to find solutions for everyday but yesterday. Yesterday was not like any other day interspersed with fun but was only and only fun. It began with kayaking. Worried that I would cause my two person kayak to capsize and immerse in water not only myself but also my partner (who by the way I had convinced with great difficulty against any chance of drowning) I was trying my best to follow all instructions given to us. Left, right, turn, twist, it was uuh- mazing (if you know what I mean) to be in control of the boat all by ourselves. It was not just kayaking but more than that it was the smiling, the laughing, the experiences I was living at that moment that meant everything to me.

And that was not the end of the fun. It was followed by paintballing. As proud member of Team 1, we went in prepared to return victorious or in the words of my team mates, born ready. But surely, that was not just a paint balling field, it was more like a battle field. Running to save ourselves behind obstacles in the path to our home flag and shooting our opponents, whether on the knee, shoulder or even the head, I felt like a soldier on who the country and its people depended to gain independence (just kidding, I was only having fun with the cool gun)

This soldier then converted into a dancer, as we practiced for the cultural night, committed to schowcase India’s traditions and modernism in a perfect blend through a dance within a skit.

While I was happy to experience those moments then, this happiness was also accompanied with some disappointment that these moments would soon just become memories in the corner of my mind. Despite the piles of school work waiting for me back in Delhi (yes I am that busy), I wished I could be there with my friends, both fellow delegates and facilitators from different cultures and continents of the world, be there with the new learnings and realizations, be there forever and ever.

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