Journal Day 7

Journal Day 7

It has been an interesting weekend. The painted ball shot a point for team working. It is the first time I’ve ever played the game. We were a new team but we operated well and won twice. The strategy was not about going straight ahead to get the flag, but found you a safe shelter to shoot and wait until the very end. Sometimes you do have a goal, but you use more indirect way to get it and to win it. It can be easier though not many people rather to use it.

The dragon boating was a great fun. We splashed the water all the way and got all wet. It feels better when we all together paddling towards one direction. I quitted the halfway because of some mental problems. When I was standing by the shore and watching the fun we’ve had, I felt that was really a pity for me.

This early morning we visited the Labrador Park. I should say Singapore is so beautiful a country. I’m not much for outdoor activities and I don’t really have that kind of experience to take a trip walking along the shore just to discover the sea creatures. It is great fun and I know I love everything down here by the sea. And thank you to offer us this great chance. That’s very impressive.

Wang Xinyuan

the second high school attached to Beijing Normal University

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