Day 6
Today is a very exciting day!In the morning,we went to the boating.After the brief introduction about the dragon boat and kayaking,we were allowed to make a choice. I thought kayaking is more difficult and exciting,so I chooe this.The coach first taught us how to hold the pedal,how to use the pedal to move the boat forward or turning around.I thought it was easy and was very confident about doing kayaking.After going into water,I found that it was much more difficult than I had imagined.It took me lots of strength and I usually could not make the boat do as I wanted.I didn’t give up and tried hard so at last I could control the boat quite easily.Practice makes perfect and never give up on the half way.That’s what I have learned through the fun activity.The coach also asked us not to be too proud of our kayaking skills because we had only learned some basic skills.Never be too proud of your abilities because carelessness will cause a lot of trouble and there is always something you don’t know.
In the afternoon,we went to paintball shooting.I watched the exciting games carefully.The game showed the delegates’ physical and mental talents including shooting skills and winning strategy.It taught us to be calm and alert whatever you are facing.
In the evening,we practiced our dance for the cultural performance.It is really hard for us to create the suitable dance in the few days even though it is only 2 minutes.We worked hard and when we saw our whole dance being done,I felt very happy.Nothing is impossible with a willing heart.Our experience has firmly proved this.
Day 7
In today’s morning,we went to the nature reserve to have a view of the share of green in the busy cities.The green in our eyes really made me feel relaxed.I saw many interesting creatures like crocodiles,snakes and many kinds of trees and flowers.The tour guide had a large scope of knowledge,so I learned many things from him.Whenever we stood beside a kind of creature,he would tell us the story and history behind it and many interesting things related to them.Every job is great including the tour guide.I admire his knowledge and working spirit!
Written by Wang Ziwei WuXi Big Bridge Academy

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