Yesterday, we learned about what it takes to work together in the heat of passion. The day was devoted to war, from paintball to splashing, and there was no shortage of emotion. We kicked the day off slowly; waiting for the rain to leave, we explored the Discovery Center, playing games devoted to teaching us about war command. Tom was yelling commands to Pau and Andy, they stood ready for action. They worked as a team even in the hypothetical world, but when we moved to paintball the stakes grew higher and the connection grew stronger. We could anticipate each others actions and work in harmony. We had each others backs and together we lost, but we succeeded in the pride of our work. then we faced a new teamwork on the water. We had to paddle together and synchronize our motions for success, Taco and I fell in to motion quickly and already fit well together from the past few days we’ve spent learning about each other. Just when we were having the most fun out on the water, soaring through the seas, the dragon boat struck. Water throughout the air my friends soaked, Taco and I had a mission. When we got aboard the Dragonboat our training began, and it was a massacre. We were ultimately victorious.
In the end, it’s all about working together for a common purpose, and being able to achieve your goals through organized strategy or synchronized strokes.

Chris D’Silva
Scarsdale, NY
United States

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