Fun Activities!

Yesterday was totally a fun day! We first went to Singapore Discover Center and did paint ball. Unfortunately, it started to rain when we arrived, the paint ball was postponed and we first saw the exhibition in the center. There were many scientific things, and they were all interesting. After the rain stopped, we started doing pain ball!! It was my first time to do this, and it was pretty scary, but anyway, I found it really fun! After paint ball, we went to the Lower Seletar Reservoir to do dragon boat and kayaking. The water was warm and the breeze was really nice. It was also my first time to do kayaking, but I think I did well for my first time. Although, people splashed water on me (even the instructor) and got soaked!! But I was so fun, so I didn’t care. In the evening, we prepared for the cultural performance. We practiced pretty much, and I think we made it into shape. I hope we will success it in the closing ceremony!

And today morning, we went to the coast to learn about the sea in Singapore. The guide, Mr. Law told us many interesting things about sea animals, and it was really fun to discover many things at the beach. Despite there were many animals, the coast was pretty dirty, so I thought humans have the responsibility to protect the animals and save the environment of the sea side.

There are only two more days till APYLS ends, and I’m really so sad! I hope I can talk with many delegates as possible in the rest two days, and even with the facillitaters.

Keita Suzuki, Japan

Senior High School at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba

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