fournal #4

First and foremost, paintball, dragon boating and kayaking are fun activities, and it was very clever of the institute to make a day of them.

The visit to the conservation area was also a very interesting expedition into the world of mangroves. It was particularly comforting to see a salt water crocodile again, and i am sure that these would make excellent pets.

But there are more pressing things to report on in this journal. Throughout the summit, we have had a number of so called "student dialogue" sessions. In these, different countries present on a variety of globally orientated topics. Following the presentations, we split off into different groups to discuss the points brought up. These discussions are truly very interesting, as they allow for new insight into the thoughts of others. While some of the delegates perhaps don’t quite feel comfortable expressing there opinions, everyone usually has something to say. These discussions would have to be a highlight of the trip thus far.

Tom (Australia)

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