Days 6 & 7 Scanned

Day 6 began with (yet another) early start. After an interesting and enlightening tour around the Singapore Discovery Centre, during which we learnt a lot about Singapore’s history as well as its future, Groups A and B proceeded to the paintballing area to decimate each other with paint. I had never been paintballing before and so had no idea what to expect, but thankfully Ranjit shot me in the head (although he swears it was a mistake…) before I had a chance to get too nervous.
In the afternoon, we tried our hand at dragon boating and kayaking. I shared a kayak with Charlotte, which was an interesting experience, and after copious amounts of splashing with other kayakers and dragon boaters, we vowed to sink or swim (literally) together.

In the morning of Day 7, we travelled to Labrador to explore the local marine life. Our experience was undoubtedly enhanced by our highly enthusiastic and enigmatic guide, Mr Law, and Sigrid and myself found that the marine life in Singapore is far more widespread and varied than we would have thought.
This afternoon we are going to Vivocity for some shopping, and then in the evening the UK will be presenting the student dialogue on Developmental Aid.

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