Day 7

The dialogue on social economic inequality on Wednesday was a little more thought-provoking as compared to the previous dialogue. I think that this is because the issue is in itself a lot more serious and appealed a lot more to the softer side of governance. Also, I never really truly understood the problem in other countries, and I don’t think I have yet, but I have gained a slightly clearer and closer perspective on the problem. This was especially so for the situations in UK and US, of which I learnt from the delegates in my group. Previously, I knew that this was a global issue, but after hearing my friends living in other parts of the world seeing and relaying such situations, the fact that this is a global issue has become a lot more real and closer.

Moving on to a lighter topic, yesterday’s activities were really fun! Singapore Discovery Center had changed so much since I last been there a few years ago, it was kinda impressive how high-tech its games have become. And I never knew that there was a paint ball venue in Singapore, and it was cool being able to play two rounds of paint ball. After SDC, we moved on to Lower Seletar Reservoir for our water activities. Kayaking was awesome hahaha (Karina and I make a great team :D) and dragon boating was a new experience and really fun, especially with the splashing of water to toher boats.

As for today, it was nice re-visiting the nature reserve and being able to see how the government has done quite a good job on nature conservation.

That’s all I have to say hahaha. (:

Yee Neng (Singapore)

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