Day 7 by Hydropen Sun

2013/7/28 – Day 6&7

The last time of journaling here.

We have had many fun activities in the past two days, including kayaking, dragon boat, paintball, student dialogue 2 and conservation tour.

I love kayaking. I have never thought about that I will find a new “love” here. When I was kayaking in the reservoir, I just feel like my muscle worked automatically and the paddles collaborated so well with me. I especially like the feeling when the paddles touched and pushed water, while get the canoe forward. It’s sooo enjoyable.

For the conservation tour, personally I like the guide’s introduction. His passion in the great nature, which showed in his voice, influences me a lot. The animal world is amazing. For example, the cicadas live in a period of 17 or 19 years, with this prime number, they avoid their predators most efficiently! I bet it must take quite a long time for them to evolve such clever life period. Also the ants, their engineering talent is just unbelievable. With so many ants living together, they could even find way of air condition! It’s really necessary for us, the human being, to learn more from the animals and plants. And a respect toward nature.

Hydropen Sun

Second High School attached to Beijing Normal Univ.

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