Day 6 & 7

Yesterday, we went to Singapore adventure centre for paintball after which we went to the lower skeltar reservoir for kayaking and dragon boating . As I was not keeping well, I could not take part in these, but watching was equally fun. Today morning we went to Labrador park where we were briefed on conservation by Mr Law. He showed us around the slippery rock shore and spot some interesting marine diversity. The importance of conservation cannot be ignored. The awareness for the same is not the same in different parts of the globe including India where there is little or no awareness on conservation. There are only two more days of the summit after which we have to return to our normal schedule. These past few days are few of those which I will never forget. I have made new friends and learnt valuable lessons. The overall impact of the summit has been amazing. I feel that this small but diverse country is like no other and that my stay here will be unforgettable. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with the rest of my friends back in India.

-Arjun Praveen
Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Chennai, India.

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