Day 6, 7, 8, and 9!

Yesterday, we went to paintballing and dragon boating. It was really exciting and fun! Dragon boating was really different, because we don’t have anything like that in America. The closest thing we have to dragon boating is canoeing, but it’s not a good idea to fit 10 people into one of those. Paintballing was also very fun, but the courses were different than the ones that we have in America. Here, the course was three levels, and there were stairs and slopes connecting the levels. In America, the courses are usually big open fields, and it’s easier to run around. Either way, I had fun at both of these activities. Our cultural performance has been going well with preparations. We’ve encountered minor problems along the way, but we aren’t expecting any major issues. The preparations have also helped us bond as a country, because we really did not know one another well going into the summit.
Today’s conservation activities were very fun and thought provoking. Mr. Law spoke to us about the need to preserve nature, and all the things we are not supposed to do on beaches and shores. He also showed us different organisms, and taught us about each of them. He’s very passionate about his work, and he gets excited about small things that others would usually overlook. The activities were very meaningful to me, because I live very close to the Potomac and the Chesapeake. Both of these bodies of water are highly polluted, and there are several different acts that are being passed to try and protect and save the ecosystem. When I go home, I will most likely look into these, to see if there is something I can contribute to the effort.
As our time is winding down here, I want to make the most of this experience. I hope to reinforce the connections that I have made here, and try to get everyone’s contact information, so I can keep in touch with others as we go our separate ways. With our presentation tonight, I want to share my views with others, and hopefully explain my point of view better than I have in the past.
The food here is amazing! It’s very different than the food we have in America though, and I really miss western food. The dorms are much nicer than the ones I was expecting, and I hope that I’ll be able to come back and visit Hwa Chong later in my life. The sights here are amazing, specifically the architecture. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, and it’s ridiculously creative. I think it’s actually one of my favorite parts of Singapore. If I ever decide to study architecture, I would most likely come here on a study abroad program. I’ll miss everyone when I leave, and I really hope that we will see one another again.

Ariel Ramsey
Dominion High School
United States of America

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