Day 6, 7, 8, and 9

Yesterday (day 6) was full of fun and excitement. I have never played paintball and was excited yet worried because I heard other people saying it that it was quite painful. When we arrived at the site we were dismayed to find that it was not possible for us to play since it was raining. Looking around the gallery of the activity center I found it surprising because there were a lot of activities that require technology and active participation from the visitors. Most of the time when you go to galleries, there are not much activities that are sincerely interesting. They are mostly ones that are simple and cliche. However, at the activity center, there were games, quizzes, and videos that provided information about Singapore and at the same time fun.

Finally, after it stopped raining (somewhat) we gathered at the place where we were to play. I have never held a gun before and was surprised that it was really heavy. I thought about the soldiers back in Korea who train through the bitter cold and the boiling heat with all their gears on; guns, bulletproof vests, helmets, and their other necessities. We had a total of two rounds both having the objective to capture the flag before the other team. After watching other teams play, I was scared. I never thought that it would be this intense. the shots were fast and hard and the paint balls were all over the place. As I entered the “arena” I had no idea what to do. As the game started, I panicked. I just ran to the nearest barricade and hid myself. I felt bullets hitting the barricade and I peeked out. I saw someone (I have no idea who he was), but he did not know that his left side of the body was exposed in my angle. I aimed and fired, but the paint balls kept on going leftwards. I aimed again and I got him!

After that we went to the reservoir to do Dragonboating/Kayaking. I love water related activities and was looking forward to it a lot. First with the Dragonboating, I learned how cooperation makes a difference. When they first told us to just row any way we liked we made little progress in the water. But with proper instructions and cooperation we were fast as we rowed. Of course splashing water at others who were Kayaking was fun but we were severely punished by them after we changed to Kayaking. While Dragonboating does not show the immediate effects if a person is social loafing but with Kayaking where there are only two people, it is so significant. When there is no trust and cooperation between the partners it is so difficult to make any progress.

At the Labrador Park, I had some difficulty following with the tour due to my shoes. I had to wear my flip-flops as I ruined my trainers the day before. There are not many chances to look around and observe marine life and this was a valuable experience to me. Mr. Law was absolutely fun and educational at the same time. I was amazed at his vast knowledge and his passion towards the topic. I feel that I am meeting a lot of people who have found their ideal jobs.

With the Culture Night preparations, we had already decided on what to do, what to wear, and learned the basic moves so we just dived into practicing straight away. We were hoping to surprise everyone else by mixing the two sides of Korean music and dancing but it somehow leaked out and I believe that most now know about our performance. Although I am tired and worn out, I feel as if I am experiencing Singapore at its maximum. I feel like I have visited all the major sites.

Hyo Jae Shin

Republic of Korea

Bugil Academy


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