Day 6 & 7

Day 6 Day 6 was a nice pause in the summit it allowed us to relax and take a break after all the enriching talks and visits.
Waking up early is getting harder and harder everyday but it’s really worth it. The kayaking and dragon boating was compromised by the weather conditions but I finally had a really fun experience on the water.
After lunch, we went paintballing which was a first experience for me, I got shot in the head in the first round but I felt that I was much more efficient in the second round. I felt exhausted on the ride back to school but unfortunately cultural performance rehearsal was calling us. The french team and I are working on our song by Joe Dassin.

Also, I really appreciate the time when we can hang out before going to bed.

Day 7 (28/07/13)
Today, we went to Labrador, a marine area were Mr Law taught us about the sea wildlife which was interesting as he is a very entertaining biologist. I learned a lot about conservation.

I feel that time flies here at APYLS and I am upset by the idea that it is almost the end of the summit. I am making such good friends and I am still getting to know people so I wish we could stay longer. I am also trying to make the most of both summit dialogues, Student dialogues and the talking sessions which follow as it allows me to gain different knowledge from what we learn in school.

Sigrid Meltzer, Saint Joseph

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