day 6, 7

On the sixth day of the summit, we did outdoor activities, which I expected the most. After having breakfast on seven, we headed to the place for the dragon boat and kayaki. The weather was cool and it rained a little bit. When we reached the place, there was a briefing about safety rules. I was quite scared after hearing that the boat can be capsized, and i can’t swim. We had to choose one between dragon boat and kayaki due to the time constraint, and chose dragon boat. The boat didn’t really look like a dragon except some dragon pattern on the side of the boat. Ten people rode on the boat, and i was on the right row of the boat. The way how we make the boat proceed require cooperation between ten people. Shouting out the numbers together and making the same move at one time, we were able to ride on the boat successfully, without being capsized. We even sang a song on the boat.

After enjoying dragon boat, we changed our clothes and got ready for the paintball. I have never played paintball before, so i was quite excited to use guns, shooting others. When i equipped into the vest and the helmet for paintball, i was quite nervous. It was uncomfortable to wear helmet all the time. It was blurry, smelled saliva and sweat. Each person got to play three rounds in a team of six people. However, i got to realize that i am not really good at shooting. Shortly after the game started, i got shot and had to go back to the home base with a orange paint on my leg and head. After the paintball game, we went to the gallery where introduces Singapore with various games that we can enjoy. More than that, I got to learn several Singlish expressions that i have never heard before. Day 6 was quite a long day, but still, it was great to experience various things that i have never done before in Korea.

On the seventh day, when i woke up in the morning, i realized that there’s only three days left before going back to Korea. We went outside of the school again in the morning. After eating breakfast, we got on the bus, heading to sea next to Sentosa island. There we saw various sea animals with the explanation from Mr. Law. It was hard to walk on sand and rocks, but interesting sea creatures intrigued me.

The summit is almost over, but still, i would like to learn and experience a lot from the Singapore, as much as i can. I and two other delegates from South Korea are done preparing for the cultural performance. Still, i am nervous and worried. Perhaps, we need more practice.

Oh So Jin, Bugil Academy, South Korea

<img src="; alt="sojin2006


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