day 5

After finishing the breakfast, we started the day with the summit dialogue from Mr. Carl Baptista. Unlike any other previous guests that gave us the presentation, Mr. Baptista explained in a casual way with several jokes, which made lot of us to concentrate well on the lecture. Mr. Baptista started off his presentation with introducing his company, Origin Group, which is a biomedical research facility. He introduced us lot of innovative products that he made previously. He was an expert in the field of pest control, medicine, and green developments. Personally i was really interested in what he mentioned in the topic since i actually went out to the junior entrepreneur contest before coming this summit. I was surprised with his groundbreaking products, which require some of scientific knowledge.

After the lecture, we headed to Housing Development Board. There i saw various structures of houses in Singapore. It was very much same as the houses in Korea. The next place we went, A STAR, intrigued me the most. As a student, who is into science, it was a great pleasure to hear from great researchers working there. Actually, previous to the presentation from the researchers, i also had a conversation with Dr. YY during the lunch. His personal experience, which led him to stand on the place where he is right now, encouraged me a lot. I probably will try to apply to work in A STAR for internship later in the future. Today’s theme, science and innovation, kept me to stay energetic for the whole day. I hope i can have a chance to meet Mr. Baptista again in the future, as a scientist.

<img src="; alt="sojin2006

Oh So Jin, Bugil Academy, South Korea


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