Day 5 & 6

The topics being discussed in the 2nd student dialogue really interested me because the topics somehow involve my life experience. Income and social stratification, for example, is one major issue in Indonesia, and thus I know pretty much about what are the concerns regarding on this issue in Indonesia. What interests me from the presentation by the Chinese delegation is that psychological factor causes people wanting to be rich. During the dialogue session, I found out that there are actually some countries that do not impose tax as their income distribution scheme.

It appears that youth unemployment becomes an issue in most countries in the world. We discussed about how education affects employment; however, the delegates within my group think that education doesn’t guarantee someone to get a job. I believe that it is because some fields are occupied by too much people already, that they do not have to hire more people. Moreover, due to economic crisis, it is more expensive to pay labors.

Although I don’t study in national school in which the curriculum being taught is the curriculum prescribed by the government, I know some issues that become major problems in Indonesia. National examination is one of them, and some people in Indonesia believe that national examination shouldn’t be conducted in the future. I didn’t get to share this issue to the other delegates due to the time constrain. Instead, we discussed about the relation between education and employment, as I’ve discussed previously.

The games and sports that we had on Saturday were really fun. Although there are some venues to play those games in Indonesia, I haven’t been there thus that was my first time. I chose dragon boat over kayaking because dragon boat involves numbers of person, thus I think it’d be a great opportunity to practice teamwork. In order to move our boat faster, the delegates within the boat have to swing the pedals (oars) in synchronization. However, it was quite hard because some of us couldn’t catch the pace as we thought that it was too fast. My right arm hurts :S Nevertheless, I learnt that in order to obtain the best result in a teamwork, we cannot take all jobs on one self, and we also have to tolerate others.

I wasn’t that good at playing paintball, yet I didn’t want to get eliminated right away, so I barely moved around… hahaha! I should be more confident to take risks in the future. On the first two games, my group didn’t get to discuss our strategy. That is probably one reason why we didn’t win. However, on the third game, with the help of my teammates, my group made some simple strategies and decided each member’s position during the game. Thus, we were able to eliminate all members of the opposition team. Yay!

I think my country delegation’s performance is getting better day by day. We were able to master more parts of our performance, and last night we got to rehearse the whole performance. However, as we were still tired after the games we had in the afternoon, we didn’t rehearse our performance that well. Eli and Ms. Mariza helped us recording our rehearsal so that we were able to reflect through it. We gave feedback to each other so that we will be able to improve our performance on the next rehearsal. I am looking forward to our performance!


Gita Septiani Ekaputri

Binus International School – Indonesia


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