Capturing the Moment

Capturingthe Moment

The outdooractivities yesterday were great because of how involving they were with all thedelegates and it allowed easy bonding time with other delegates that aren’tnormally in group “D” or “red”. Although getting shot in the head with apaintball wasn’t my ideal time of fun, it still was a great experience and I’mglad I got a chance to try the sport. The tour of the facility near the paintballground was very different than anything I have ever experienced. The futuristicaspects of the facility both surprised me and kept me intrigued. The games wereall hands on and gave the all of us an opportunity to experience virtualreality. Even though I was dead tired at the end of the day it is all worth itto be able to fit as much of the “Singaporean experience” into the summit aspossible.

Having theopportunity to go down to Labrador beach was fascinating to observe the beachesof Singapore as well as to see what’s left of the natural resources by thewater and docks. It amazes me how little of the beach there is left and how theSingaporeans seemingly take for granted the beauty of their beaches and themarine life that lives by the ocean.

Singapore isa beautiful country and such a unique country. I have done my fair share oftraveling whether it is international or inside the States and I can truly sayI’ve seen nothing like it before. The blend of culture paired with the sophisticatedcityscape is truly the most captivating contrast I have ever had the chance toappreciate.

I can’tfathom the thought of leaving the summit yet because it seems as though yesterdaywe arrived, but on the other hand, the friendships we’ve made seem to have beenstrengthened by a lifetime. It’s incredible to think that we have done as muchas we have in the 8th day we’ve been here and it will truly be sadto leave it all and never be able to capture any of these moments again. I don’tknow another time where I will have the chance to be a part of such an amazingopportunity and enriching experience. I have learned so much from the summitand I can’t pinpoint any single most important thing that I’ve learned becauseI feel as though I would be leaving too much out. I am so sad to be ending thissummit but I know I can bring back all new ideas to our summit at Dominion Highschool when we start planning the rest of our summit in August.


DominionHigh School


Day 6, 7, 8

July 28,2013

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