Whether they be they be the creepy crawly things at a picnic or the errors in coding on the computer, bugs play an integral part in our lives. Today we learned from Mr. Carl Baptista about the practical applications of the things we normally cast aside as gross. Insects have proven to be a cure for gangrene as well as prevention against themselves and the diseases they carry. He highlighted the importance of an open mind and the need to embrace an idea when it strikes. He also reassured us that no matter where you lie on the humanities spectrum, there is a place for you in the innovation process.

Later we traveled to the Housing Development Board where I was confronted with an alien idea, the thought of a government supplying housing to the majority of its citizens. In America we cherish the ownership of one’s home and the privacy involved in it, here in Singapore the people embrace the culture of sharing their lives with their neighbors and accepting what the government has created for you. This contrasted my ideas of the "Housing Market" and what I know of real estate business, so I had to adapt to the new concept. I was used to a country where the citizens can live where they want with who they want, without fear of government demolitions and renovations, but here I am surrounded by people trusting in their government’s decisions.

Afterward our trip to Simtech taught us about the perfection of new technologies and the fixing of old ones. Two researchers spoke to us, one about the cutting edge research being done at the facility and the other about the consumer consultancy used to fix company’s computer systems.We learned about the creative and the trial and error processes of science and we were inspired to see our ideas come to life as well as to fix our mistakes.

Chris D’Silva

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