APYLS – Day 6 and Day 7

Wow, looks like this is the last journal we’re going to write doing this summit, that’s fast! Since this is the last one, I think I’ll just have a brief run-through for the activities we had on day 6 and day 7 and end it off with a brief summary of my thoughts and feelings throughout the camp.

Well, days 6 and 7 have been more on the recreational side, where we had outdoor activities on day 6 and exploring the rocky shores of Labrador Park just a while ago. Of course, everyone would naturally look forward to the paintball session, but as the time draws nearer, fear starts to creep in… Okay, actually it’s not so serious, maybe it’s just the adrenaline rushing through 😛 After the session, we were all discussing about the ‘battle scars’ we had, the lucky people came out unscathed, but unfortunately, I was on the other end of the line, and the 3 bruises on my arm, hand and thigh have been aching even till now!

After that we rushed over to Seletar Reservoir for our water activities, and this is the first time for many people. It was still quite fun, apart from getting splashed from all directions on the kayak. It was quite a workout for everyone and my arm muscles ached as we departed from the reservoir. Even though I’ve tried both kayaking and dragon-boating a few times already, I still treated this session as a new experience and really enjoyed it.

Okay, let’s now move on to day 7, which was really an eye-opening session for everyone who went to Labrador Park. Our guide, Mr Law, who is a Marine Biologist, had conducted a very lively and energetic session for us, where we were constantly amused and also amazed by the wonders of the shore as he introduced to us various marine creatures found on the rocky shores of Singapore. Personally, I was really entertained and I am really glad to have Mr Law around. I’m sure everyone else does too! Of course, the session was not so much of awe-inspiring and life-changing, but I definitely learnt a lot of things and thoroughly appreciated it.

Now for my thoughts and feelings… Okay, I’ll be frank that I was really worried when I first arrived in boarding school, being the only student from my school and all, but everyone was very hospitable and helpful, that enabled me to settle down quickly. As the summit proceeds, I had a fine time integrating and making new friends, and everyone knows me now as the familiar ‘panda’, haha. If anyone’s still not so familiar with me, I would like to say here, ‘hi, nice to have you here, let’s enjoy the rest of the summit together!’ There were times where it may be a little stressful, or when we had to cope with the packed schedule, but we’ve survived it, so what does not kill you makes you stronger, I feel stronger already! I would just like to say now, let’s all walk down this last stretch of the road together, filled with smiles and laughter, and finally conclude with a warm farewell, but never forgetting one another.
I will now finally conclude my journaling session, good luck everyone!


Kai Zhe (Singapore)

Chung Cheng High School (Main)

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