A LONG DAY! ( Day 6)

Day 6! Outdoor activities, Hooray!
Before I go into that, the Student Dialogue… I am part of the Malaysia Delegation which presented on the issue regarding education on Day 5(the day before). I will be very satisfied with our presentation if it didn’t go overtime… And, I am sure that if I continue to type my journal in the same way, you’ll fall asleep.
So, let’s talk about Pau. Famous guy huh? From the Philippines… He’s truly a guy who is thirsty for knowledge. Whenever a speaker ends his/her presentation, a familiar line will be heard moments later. “Hey, I am Pau from the Philippines and I have a few questions for yeah. In the Philippines, ………….” This is the iconic Pau’s “template” in asking a question.
The same thing happened after we, the Malaysia Delegation ends our presentation. However, we answered his question well in order to quench his thirst in knowing more on the Inclusive Education issue. We, the polite and respectful guys said:” Thank you very much, Pau from the Philippines”. -.-
Outdoor Activities Hooray!
I am in Group C & D and I really appreciated that as we got to play 3 rounds of Crossfire Paintball although we only chose to do one between kayaking and dragon boating. Dragon boating was indeed fun. I enjoyed being splashed by Armaan and of course, enjoyed splashing him back.
The moment I arrived at the Crossfire Paintball Battlefield, I found that it kinda lacks rooms. However, when the battle begins, it’s soooooo hectic in there that you wouldn’t care about the roominess at all! Jack, Chuan Xin, Chikayo, Elisabeth, Katie and I made a good team although we only won once in 3 games… In the beginning, Yusuf, who is in the Marine Cadet of his school, started boasting that he would kill us all. He moved really fast, and got shot reallyyyyyyy fast, too! Okay, I am not very proud of it (I’m proud, but not very), I am the one who shot him down! I performed well till I tilted the marker and all my ammo was gone!! I wouldn’t want to say much on the 2nd round as I got kill a couple of minutes later….. 😦
I was very proud to be the last man of the blue team in Round 3 after shooting down Yuichi and had my other team members shot down(Sorry guys). I would actually enjoy an adequate diversion as it’ll be really interesting. However, I was the last man of my team, competing with 3 opponents [facepalm]. Armaan and Nikolay distracted me from the front while Steven shot me from below. I didn’t know I was shot by Steven until he told me that, thanks to the foggy mask! No offense but his aiming was below par that he spammed me with a dozens of paintball but only managed to hit two paintballs on me!
I think we do not have much to say about the Cultural Night Preparation, except for the United Kingdom, and some of the America Delegates who went to Raffles Hotel Singapore!

Day 7. I would love to go on a tour with the quirky, energetic and interesting Chinese guy, Mr Law, but I ended up going to the Sungei Buloh Conservation Site. Anyway, it’s good to know more about the mangroves and I enjoyed chatting around with Karena, Gita, Ling Yun, Steven, Mi Yeon and many more. Well, I have a keen interest in studying snakes especially pythons and I was praying for one to appear. Unfortunately, all I saw was crabs, crabs and crabs…

Looking forward to going to Vivo City, the largest shopping mall in Singapore!

A simple journal,
Conan Ng Guo Yuan
Chung Ling High School, Penang Island, Malaysia

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