A Few Days To Go

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had so far in APYLS. Through all of the fun we had paintballing, kayaking, and dragon boating, I can really feel that all of the delegates were bonding so well with each other. To all of the delegates who’s been very close to me these last few days (you know who you are) I want to let you know that you are all very dear to me. I hope when we get back to all of our respective homes, our friendship will still live on. And to those I haven’t gotten the chance to meet, please say hi! The end of APYLS is inching closer and closer, it would be sad to go without getting to know every delegate and facilitator.
The outdoor activities of the previous day taught us the importance of teamwork and coordination. As well as different techniques to get each other soaked. I managed to shoot a few people, too, during paintball (including the winning shot on the second game), which was very surprising considering how bad I am in playing first-person shooter games.

While waiting for the weather to get better before playing paintball, we went on a Singapore discovery tour. It showed quite a… different view of Singapore than all of the other tours we’ve been on. It was funny seeing some of the Singapore delegates- yes, Alastair I’m talking about you- getting really embarrassed about it, even to the point of faking an American accent to deny their Singaporean citizenship.

All in all, it’s been such an amazing few days, filled with friendships and memories I’d cherish for many years to come.

Binus International School Serpong

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