28 July, 2013 03:25

For the activities recent days,there are so many things.
For yesterday’s outdoor activity,it is really funny.We also have paintball in China,but I haven’t try it before yesterday.it is really excited and i really enjoy it .Playing with friends make me feel happy and the sound of the gun is near the ear.That feeling is really great!How interesting it is.But I have to say that the helmet made me headache. Except this matter, I want to go there again.
For the Dragon boat,I really love it.Especially when people came,we play water together.we also put our feet into the water.Although it is a bit dangerous and I was a bit frightened., it is so interesting.sitting in the boat on the river!
For the student dialogue,I have to say that it is so hard for me.I couldn’t understand most things they said.And I don’t know how to describe the things i think and join the topic.But i will try !
All right,these are all my feelings.At last ,I have to say i am so happy for this is the last time journalist,I really do not like doing journaling.
From Jingzhe

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