28 July, 2013 03:16

last day was amazing i didn’t know that i can do kayaking i was so nervous because i don’t know how to swim but in the end it was great to try kayaking and dragon boating .

in the beginning we played paintball it was so exacting ,that was my first time to try it actually we win twice so that was good .

cultural night preparations has been so good in fact we are going to do a play about three sailors in the beginning they are going to build a ship to travel to a land called Singapore well, beside the play i think also we are going to do a traditional dance . yup that it .

2 days left in Singapore so i’m really sad , i met so many friends from so many different countries
so its will be so hard to say good bay for them ..

Singapore . now its my favorite country . the people her are so kind . love them

tufool faisal salim alshanfary

alsa;aada school


2013/7/26 Tufool faisal <t.h1996726>

to day was a great day i had so much fan .first in the morning we met Mr Carl baptista’s he was so funny and i liked his presentation too my best part in his presentation was when some one asks about if he have any solution for the mosquito which is transfer the malaria from person to another ,well his unsure was so funny too he said that it simple we give the person a medicine and then when the mosquito bite him it simply will die .

i will not forgait these summit . it was an amazing experience . i met a new friends from different countries also i like the way thet the people in Singapore treat us they are so nice and so kind .

tufool faisal alshanfari
alsa’ada school


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