Today,we had Summit Dialog 3, visiting HDB, and A star!
Today’s speaker of summit dialog was Mr Carl.I was absorbed in his presentation,because his story was so funny and interesting.I’d like to learn the way of his speaking. And the theme interested me a lot.He said that it spurs innovation that frustration, inefficiency, NEED and passion.

In HDB, we saw public housing in singapore which most of siigaporeans live in.
it was so cool I thought i’d like to live there in the future

we had a sharing session in a star. speakers were scholars of a-star.
Their talk was so marveros!
In addition, we visited a-star lab.The facilities were so nice:)

we’re going to have Student Dialogue 2 after dinner!
I want to do my best. because I couldn’t speak a lot in Student dialog 1!
thank you!

Moon Kang Yung
Azabu Senior High School, Japan

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