Yusuf’s Journal

Day 5 – The Halfway Point

The day kicked off with a humorous summit dialogue from Carl Baptista, someone who had used his clearly vast scientific knowledge to run 3 businesses all revolving around insects. I found it enlivening to see someone who combined science and business so easily, and all with such a good sense of fun. He was also surprisingly clear, expressing complex biological projects in a way that was very straightforward for the likes of me to understand. The visit to the Housing Development Board brought to mind the Council Housing system in Britain. However, given the fact that 70 per cent of homes in Singapore are government built the contrast couldn’t be greater.The trip to A*STAR provided a necessary reminder after the visits to the GIC that Singapore is not only a great financial centre, but also a hub of scientific research.

This marks the halfway point of our trip, and I could say that it feels like I arrived only yesterday. The schedule has been intense, but I would have it no other way. I have been able to visit the best of what Singapore has to offer, and meeting great people in the process. This would not be possible without the excellent facilitators who have made our lives so much easier….Yusuf

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