The Sound of Drums

Can you hear the sound of drums? It echoes the ominous beating of my heart – the same feeling I had on the way to my scheduled meeting. Someone was chasing me on the way here. Thankfully I managed to lead him astray. Our plans are too close to becoming a reality that it will be a shame to see them crushed by prying eyes and ears. I couldn’t risk putting my good friend Pau in danger, so I kept our conversation short. He was unnerved by the worry on my face. Today he was in all black, except for the shoes, as usual. He tells me how much he’s enjoyed today because Science and Technology was the main theme for the activities – an enthusiastic sharing from Mr. Carl Baptista, and visits to the HDB and A*STAR research centers. Recognizing that I was in a hurry, Pau kindly summarized his many discoveries into three realizations. I will just state them verbatim; the sound of drums is getting louder. First, Singapore has a great pool of scientific minds that contribute not only to the country’s development but also to adding to world innovations. Science and Technology are play key roles in powering a country’s industrial and to a larger extent, social, machinery. Second, what makes science fun are the failures, accidents, and bumps on the road, so to speak. Without these thought-provoking experiences, the spectrum of discoveries would be less diverse. It’s getting faster. Last, innovation requires teamwork – the pooling of ideas and resources to create something better than anything thought possible before. Hopefully, the pooling of these student leaders will prove to be worth the effort. The enemy is near, and every step we take closer to our goal is a step for the shadow that follows right behind us. Pau can never stop talking about h…(here, we regret to inform the reader that the original report was cut off very unevenly at this portion; the archivists had to provide the address below as it was also ripped off)

On behalf of Pau from the Philippines, student of Philippine Science High School,
Agent X44

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