Tan Chuan Xin: Journal Day 5

Day 5

Summit Dialogue

The summit dialogue today was very interesting because it was on science, which interested me a lot. Mr. Carl Baptista was a very engaging speaker, who got me genuinely interested in his innovations and new technologies. I am very impressed with the methods that he has developed for solving problems that the community or specific groups of people face. I personally believe that he is doing a fantastic job in innovating. His innovations are really simple, but they are not easy to think of, and his sources of inspiration are so diverse and varied that they are right before our eyes, yet no one thinks of it. His passion and drive in his research and innovation was truly inspiring for me, and it was great to see someone being so passionate in their work. The way Mr. Baptista creates and finds business opportunities for his company shows his resourcefulness and determination to succeed. The way he sees opportunities in places that nobody has thought of before was amazing to me, because it shows that he has an eye for the unconventional, as well as the ability to convert ordinary occurrences into business opportunities. To me, I feel that this is an extremely valuable skill that every successful businessman ought to own, because it is a very important tool to have. Overall, Mr. Baptista was a very inspiring speaker who has communicated his passion very clearly to us, and has nudged me to pursue my dreams as well.

Housing Development Board

The HDB tour started with us touring the show flats in the building. Something new that I noticed about the show flats was the bomb shelters that were built into the new flats, which was very interesting to me, because I never thought that there would be a need for bomb shelters in Singapore. However, I believe that this is the governments’ foresight, preparing for the worst so that Singaporeans can be prepared in times of crisis.

We also took a tour that showcased the history of Singapore’s development in housing, from the time when housing the entire population was to focus, to the current age where providing quality homes is the main focus of the HDB. The exhibits helped me visualize the different eras that have been described in the textbooks, which was beneficial to me. Also, the different amenities that are located near the HDB flats, as well as the new implementations into new HDB flats such as the recycling chutes are small things that make our living experience much better. Housing is definitely a challenge in Singapore due to the limited land space, so simply building more houses is not a viable option for us. Through the tour, I learn how the government manages housing in Singapore, and the efforts that have been taken by the government are appropriate.


I am an A*STAR scholar myself, so the tour presented nothing new for me as I have gone through the tour before during my Research Exposure Program with A*STAR. However, despite having already seen the cutting-edge technologies that A*STAR has developed, they still amaze me as I see what Singapore has put into research and development. The sharing by researchers has also helped me see that research is not without failures, and one has to take it into their stride and persevere in order to achieve any form of success in the field of research. I am personally considering a career in A*STAR because the researchers seem highly passionate about their work.

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