Taking a step back to reflect…

26/7/2013, FRIDAY: Day 5 commenced with a summit dialogue by reputed entrepreneur, Mr. Carl Baptista. I found today’s summit dialogue very interesting, as Mr. Baptista was the most engaging speaker of all. The information he gave us about his own journey and exploits, paired with his passion and love for science, really made me change the way I look at science. Due to my lack of interest for the field, I had hitherto disregarded it from holding any significance in my life. But I now hold a great respect for the capabilities that science provides us with, and all those that use science to make the world a better place. This dialogue also gave me a sense of encouragement to become an entrepreneur in the near future. Mr. Baptista’s influential tales have removed the cloud of uncertainty in my mind, about whether taking risks in the form of business ventures will ever yield results. I was also reminded that a good entrepreneur or even a good person, in general, must learn to cope with the failure’s that find their way into our lives.

The subsequent visit to the Housing Board Development made me realize that an opportunity to provide such great housing to those that need it could well be realized in my own country, India. And a fellow delegate also mentioned that this could provide as a good business opportunity for me in the near future, if the problem still persists.

The visit to A*STAR was also an eye opener, and it makes me sad to know that even though the technical expertise exists in my country, such detailed research is not undertaken, and there is an absence of the required technology due to under-funding of this sector by the government. Such an important sector definitely contributes to the development of any country, and would surely help India to the top of the ‘innovation list’ that was shown earlier today.

This day marks the completion of half of the summit. The fact that this amazing journey is almost over leaves me in disbelief. In such a short time, I have been able to learn so much about various important fields in the growth of a country. I have also been exposed to a reservoir of knowledge, and for that opportunity, I thank all the organizers, facilitators, speakers, and mostly; fellow delegates.
Hold on a second; I just made a fundamental mistake. During the course of this summit, I have befriended people of various cultures and ethnicities, and I hope such friendships will surely outlive the summit. Hence, I shall no longer call such people ‘delegates’, but instead shall call them my friends.

Thank you,
Ranjit SinghVasant Valley School
Delegate of The Republic Of India

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