Summit Dialogue, HDB, A-Star….

Today was the day I was most looking forward to as the theme of the day was Science and Technology and I am very interested in all the sciences. The day started off with a Summit Dialogue by Mr. Carl Baptisita. It was the best summit dialogue so far, Mr. Baptisita was funny yet well – informed and I enjoyed what he had to say. Also the story of his growth from a mushroom grower to a big shot business man/scientist was quite inspiring. After the dialogue, we visited the HDB(Housing Development Board) where we looked through a couple of sample houses which were quite nice. In India, the government does not provide any housing to people and thus the idea of a government taking care of the people’s housing needs, especially with great attention and detail, was quite a revelation to me. Lastly, we visited A – Star, Singapore’s Premier Science Research Facility. The thing that caught my attention was that the buildings located in A – Star were all named after Biological components(Matrix, Genome…). The lab visits were wonderful and we got to see some costly and "cheap"(around S$ 4 million) equipment in the state of the art labs. I especially liked the A – Star visit because it was the kind of place I want to work in, in the future. My time in Singapore so far has been great, a city/country which is so similar to the one I live in(in terms of climate, people..) yet at the same time so different. New friends, new experiences and new thoughts have all been part of my short stay and I am looking forward to the latter half of the summit. . Dead tired but excited at the same time about the student dialogue.

Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School

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