Science and Innovation

Today is really a science day!
First, we listened to the Summit Dialogue given by Mr Carl Baptista. That made me realized the importance of innovation. Only with the innovation of technology can people live a better life and can our society develope. However, making sure that the development of techonology cannot break the balance of nature. Anyway, people should stay with nature peacefully instead of trying to change it.
Then we went sightseeing to Housing Development Board. The government of Singapore has really done a lot to citizens living. 82% of Singaporeans now live in HDB flats. It’s really hard to solve the living problem in such a small country with a large population. But the government of Singapore really did a good job.
In the afternoon, we went to A*STAR, a real place of science and technology. In that place, we saw the morden scientific lab and feel the importance of technology that Singaporeans think.

Liu Yiwen. From China

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