Science and Innovation

Perhaps it can be said that today’s summit dialogue was the one that interested me the most. I, myself enjoy analyzing situations finding out the core problems and solving them. The problems range from simple worries of my friends to social issues going on around the world. However, although I love to do this, when faced with problems that require some level of scientific or mathematical knowledge I tend to shy away from them feeling incompetent. Until now I had this thought that people have an area that they excel in, but today the summit dialogue by Mr. Carl Baptista proved me wrong. There are people who excel in various areas! He combined business with science and was successful. He gave many anecdotes such as the caterpillars on the trees and I could actually feel his passion as he remembered all the thoughts and processes that he went through. The solutions themselves were really remarkable, both creative yet realistic and I felt that Mr Baptista really is the person to talk about innovation. As well, when Sojin asked him a question, asking him to discuss projects that have failed, he knew all the details and the core issue. On the other hand normally people just go over the things that went wrong and just focus on the successes they had. Afterwards, me and our teacher Ms. Kim were talking about how some parts of Korea has become really famous. For example, K-pop, Korean dramas, and our technology (i.e. Samsung) are now all well known around the world. But, looking in more deeply, I felt something strange about them. In K-pop sometimes nearly half of the words in the lyrics are English and to me it doesn’t feel as if it is a genuine culture of ours. Also, in our conversation, my teacher said how others told her although Samsung is a great brand, it seems to lack in stimulating its users to dive into research about Korea. This made me think quite deep into the situation Korea is in. Korea was late in joining in the market of technology and due to this it did not have the advantage other famous companies had. Take for example, Apple. Apple is one of the most, or perhaps the most unique company in the market regarding phones, MP3s, and computers. It was created when the market was still young and it could actually continue growing with its specialized characteristics. But for Samsung, it joined the race not so long ago. It can be seen that it is going through its teen stage, where its identity is not yet concrete. I believe that this problem will bother me for a while.


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