Bugs. Bugs are small. Bugs are gross. Bugs are a business opportunity. When I think of entrepreneurship, I think of Apple, of facebook, of instagram. Now I think of pest control. Now I think of maggots and how they could have saved Bob Marley’s life when he had gangrene. Now I think of blowing mosquito repellent through fans to rid Singaporean citizens of a common annoyance. Mr Carl Baptista is the most interesting speaker I have heard yet. He is a man who has paired innovative science with unparalleled business acumen to solve problems and lead a successful company (ORIGIN).

I was equally impressed by A STAR and its research facilities. I have read of concepts that have seemed abstract to me in the past. I have heard of how DNA polymerase lays down nucleotides and DNA ligase connects the primers in genetic engineering, but to see a real laboratory actually synthesizing chemicals was something that felt much more real than anything I have experienced previously. Similarly, I had heard of the HDB flats, but to actually step inside one, albeit a replica one, was an illuminating experience. Today was a day of illumination, of Singapore and of life’s basic concepts. I look forward to tomorrow.


Warren Schorr, Staples High School, USA

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